A national company in Brazil needed a modern building in the Castelo Branco corridor of Sao Paulo.  The company was looking for a 1 million square foot (1 MSF) facility to allow them to join operations for their three separate facilities which were old, outdated buildings in the city of Barueri. They also wanted to have extra space in the facility to engage in e-commerce activities. After a long search, they could not find a building to suit their needs.  

It became apparent that the solution was a build-to-suit. However, it wasn’t easy to find land large enough to accommodate a 1 million square foot logistics facility. In addition, the land needed to have all the permissions and approval that were necessary and that usually take a long time. Prologis, who has been building its land bank since 2011, had the site the customer needed with all the approvals that were necessary. Prologis also had experience providing build-to-suits with the modern specifications the customer required which were different from those in existing facilities in the market. In fact, the building features requested are quite close to Prologis globalstandards.

In the end, the customer got the build-to-suit facility they needed and in a location that could not have been better.  Near the Presidente Castelo Branco Highway and within the city limits of Araçariguama in the state of São Paulo, the build-to-suit at Prologis Castelo 46 offers easy access to the São Paulo metropolitan area and Western São Paulo.  Providing direct access to the highway, the build-to-suit is 33 kilometers from the city of São Paulo.

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