Markets in Brazil

BR Sao Paulo

São Paulo

With the largest consumer market in Brazil and the biggest GDP per capita, São Paulo has all the drivers that create demand for logistics and industrial properties. The state represents 33.5 percent of Brazil’s gross value added production in industry, amounting to around US$157 billion, and purchases 39.5 percent of the imported goods manufactured outside the country.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has a population of 6.45 million and the broader metropolitan area has a population of about 12 million, making it the sixth-largest city in the Americas by population. The city’s GDP is $225 billion and per capita income is $19,000. A vibrant, densely populated city, Rio de Janeiro’s economy is driven by tourism, services and trade. In the past decade, the economy of Rio de Janeiro state has more than doubled in size.


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